Jeff Conroy

Award-winning television producer and creative executive on 1,500+ episodes and 50 television series across 15 different networks.

  • Former President & Executive Producer, Original Productions. Head of all creative content including development and programming.

  • Series show-runner and story architect.

Thom Beers

Renowned producer, television executive and narrator credited with a reality TV empire spanning 60+ series.

  • Former Chairman & CEO, FremantleMedia North America

  • Founder, CEO & Executive Producer, Original Productions

  • Producer and executive, Turner Broadcasting and Paramount Syndication

Sarah Bernard

Digital media innovator with experience building successful online media companies from launch to household names.

  • Obama Presidential Appointee and Director of Online Engagement, The White House

  • Former GM, The Huffington Post; Founding President, IAC’s satiric news venture, 23/6;
    Advisor, MTV news